27 de julho de 2006

Paz para o Médio-Oriente

"To all dreamers and realists, to all those who love life, and to all friends of peace: Let us swim against the tide: In a time where bombs are falling lets feed the dream of changing this region, the Holy Land, the Middle East from a region of conflict into a land where peace can be learned: peace between cultures and nations, peace among human beings, peace with nature.

We call out to all our friends in the world, may they be Israelis, Palestinians, US-Americans, Europeans: Let us understand the matrix of war and end it. We turn to our own society first and recognize how it is a part of this war: Whether by direct violence, whether by suppression of the truth and one-sidedness, whether by weapon supply or by indifference. Let us recognize the military regime and the matrix of war, inform others about it and stop it wherever we can.
Let us recognize the matrix of life on the other side. It is always there.
There is another possibility than violence in every situation."
Excerto do texto de:
Leila Dregger "Overcoming the Matrix of War in the Middle East"
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